Recommended Computer Specs

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Our miniscope system has been successfully run on a large range of computers but most of our experiments have been run using 15 inch MacBook Pros with Intel i7 quadcore processors and SSD drives. It is important to mention that our system does not compress the video streams. The higher the frame rate and resolution of the cameras, the better hardware specs you may need. The list below outlines suggested hardware specs to run our system.

  • We recommend using an intel i5 or better quadcore processor but high clockrate duelcore processors have been sufficient in some applications.
  • A USB3.0 (Super Speed USB) connector is required. The length of the USB cable should be no more than 5ft.
  • We recommend using an SSD as your storage device. All laptops we have tested have had SSDs but we have also used desktops with HDD successfully.
  • Completely remove any encryption services running on your computer.
  • Windows 7 or 10. We have experienced intermittent crashes when running on Windows 8.