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DAQ Software/Firmware / msCam Frame retrieve error
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:26:23 AM »

My name is Su and I need your help.
I have been using the miniscope with the version3 DAQ with Dell computer (Windows 10) which had been working fine, but suddenly stopped working as the video stream is lost (the red screen of Doom appears with the message of 'frame retrieve error).
All 3 LED lights come on the DAQ PCB and the red light on CMOS sensor and the blue LED are also on when I plug the scope in. I am using the proper USB 3.0 cable (1m long) and when the miniscope is plugged in I still see the miniscope driver on Device manager. I have tried 3 different DAQ, 2 USB cables and 2 different miniscopes but it still shows the msCam frame retrieve error.
Is there any suggestion on what would have been a problem?
Thank you!

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