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DAQ Software/Firmware / Problems with video acqusition
« on: November 22, 2016, 02:24:01 PM »

I was testing the DAQ board, and although it was succesfully recognized in one computer, when I tried it in my notebook smoke came out of the L13 inductor. I only have 3 boards so I am a little worried about what happened to this one.
I checked the connections and everything seemed fine. I re-solder everything, and tried in another computer and everything seems to work... Except the small hole in the L13 inductor. As I am not really an expert in electronics I don´t know what the damage is, and have no clue what is this inductor good for. I´ve got 3 LEDs lighted up, the red one in the CMOS, and the computer recognizes the board, nevertheless I have the following problems:

1st. I can´t load the firmware in the EEPROM, everytime it fails to upload it. I can upload it to theRAM and then the camera is recognized in the device manager.

2nd. No frames are acquired. When I press connect no frames are received. Also I can´t control the LEDs intensity.

3rd. The first time I connected the DAQ with the scope the blue LED was ligthed up all the time, but eventually it started to flicker and now is barely illuminating.

I would normally just keep trying with the other boards, but I really wanted to understand first what is wrong, so I don´t break them also.

Thanks in advance for any feedback on this.


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