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Listed below are open-source projects being tackled by other groups.

Recommended Analysis Packages

We currently recommend using the following combination of packages for Miniscope analysis

  • Image Registration: NoRMCorre or Dario Ringach's recursive image registration algorithm. NoRMCorre can correct for both local and global rigid motion while Dario's approach works just on a global level.
  • Neuron segmentation and activity extraction: CNMF-E works extremely well for Miniscope imaging. It can denoise, demix, and deconvolve neural activity.
  • Tracking neurons across days: CellReg

Luckily, multiple groups are working on analysis packages which combine the approaches listed above into a single workflow:

  • CaImAn: "Computational toolbox for large scale Calcium Imaging Analysis, including movie handling, motion correction, source extraction, spike deconvolution and result visualization." This toolbox is very well maintained by the Simons Foundation and generally has the most up-to-date versions of NoRMCorre and CNMF.
  • MiniscoPy: "A package to analyse calcium imaging data recorded with the Miniscope." This package is being developed by Adrien Peyrache's lab at McGill and is based on the CaImAn toolbox.

Miniscope Baseplate and Protective Cone for Rats by Bastijn van den Boom at NIN

Description, pictures, drawings, and part files for a Miniscope baseplate and protective cone.

Miniscope Baseplate and Protective Cone for Rats

Miniscope Gripper by Bastijn van den Boom at NIN

Description, pictures, drawings, and part files for a Miniscope gripper for holding the Miniscope while baseplating.

Miniscope Gripper

Miniscope Bonsai Package by Jon Newman

"Bonsai package for controlling and acquiring data from headborne miniscopes for calcium imaging"


Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for microEndoscopic data

Analysis package for (1) identifying spatial footprints of all neurons and (2) denoising, demixing and deconvolving the temporal signals.

CNMF-E https://github.com/zhoupc/CNMF_E (Matlab)

Miniature Microscope from the Gardner Lab at Boston University

Gardner Lab Miniature Microscope


"A team of neuroscientists who want to change the way our tools are developed and shared."

Open Ephys


"Open source hardware and software for behavioral neuroscience. Learn how to design and build fully functional animal behavioral setups rapidly, cheaply, and easily."


Open Behavior

"Open Behavior is dedicated to accelerating behavioral neuroscience research through the promotion of collaboration and open-source projects."

Open Behavior