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DAQ power supply recommendation
« on: May 03, 2019, 03:55:03 PM »
Sharing a recommendation to solve a signal noise issue created by most cheap power adapters.

If you're using the 42AWG coax cable from the master parts list and your line is much more than 3 feet long, you'll probably need a power adapter to run the scope reliably. Most AC/DC adapters use a cheap switch-mode converter with minimal filtering to produce the DC voltage. Any noise from the power supply will be coupled into your miniscope communication signal.

I noticed the issue on my oscilloscope while trying to troubleshoot random connection failures and sudden red screens. The 1-2MHz scope signal looked relatively clean, but there was a saw tooth pattern around 100kHz when the power supply was plugged in.

This power supply is designed to eliminate noise. Comes with an adapter that fits the DAQ, as well as international power adapters. The 9V model is practically noise-free and has no observable impact on the scope's communication signal when plugged in.

While the intermittent nature of the errors makes it hard to determine if this has made a significant difference, it certainly eliminates a variable. So far it seems to have improved stability. We have purchased one per DAQ for our lab. I recommend considering the same if you're using long cables and experiencing connection issues. Make sure to get the 9V model.