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Behavior / Re: Behavioral Syncing with TTLs
« Last post by Daniel Aharoni on May 26, 2018, 10:08:52 PM »
Hi Chase,
That feature hasn't been programmed into the DAQ yet but the hardware is capable of doing it. You would need to modify the firmware running on the DAQ and program in this feature. Multiple people have brought up this topic before but I don't know of anyone who actually went into the firmware to add it.

I am currently working on a new DAQ which will have this feature built into it but I imagine the new DAQ won't be ready for prime time till the end of this year at the earliest.
Behavior / Behavioral Syncing with TTLs
« Last post by chase_clark on May 25, 2018, 08:34:41 PM »
Hi there,

I was wondering if the DAQ board is capable of receiving and recording TTL signals from an external source (e.g. to signal when specific behaviours are occurring or cues are presented). It says on the wiki that the GPIO ports on the DAQ board are configurable however I'm uncertain of how to approach that. Has anybody attempted the to integrate TTL inputs with the DAQ board or come up with other creative solutions?

DAQ Software/Firmware / Re: DAQ PCB data link led flickering
« Last post by Dongil Keum on May 18, 2018, 06:58:07 PM »
I had same problem after replacing DS90UB914, due to bad ground. Base metal of the chip should be soldered. The lock led had been dimmer than others and flickered after clicking connect button. If you see the 'flicking lock' led, the chip is functional but the connection has some problem. I think it is related to power supply. 
DAQ Software/Firmware / Re: msCam Frame retrieve error
« Last post by Daniel Aharoni on May 18, 2018, 04:36:08 PM »
Hi hansu,
Can you try connecting to the Miniscope with a different Windows 10 computer. If the issue you are having persists across multiple Miniscope system then it is likely the issue has something to do with your computer.

The other source of this issue could be if you had a short across the SMA2Coax PCB and then powered on the DAQ PCB. This can cause a power surge across an inductor on the DAQ PCB causing all 3 green LEDs to stay on but the actual data signal being received by the DAQ PCB to be corrupted. If this happened it is pretty easy to fix it by replacing the L13 inductor on the DAQ PCB.

Let me know once you have tried a different computer and if you think there was a chance you had a short on the SMA2Coax PCB at some point in the past.
Optics / Re: Miniscope for Bioluminescence imaging
« Last post by Daniel Aharoni on May 02, 2018, 05:45:44 PM »
Hi Dmitrijs,
I don't know of any imaging sensors that might fit the bill while requiring minimum changes to the Miniscope/electronics. Some of the new Miniscope systems we are working on will be moving in this direction to allow for a wider range of imaging sensors and we will be sharing these designs once they are up and running.

You might want to check out what sorts of back illuminated CMOS sensors are on the market right now. Those will be your best bet.
Hi kjlawlor,
I can't remember what became of this issue but I suggest you switch over to doing your processing and analysis with the CaImAn package, Definitely the standard in the field right now and what we are now using.
thank you!
Hi xiaoyup,
Yes you can use the Miniscope DAQ software for only behavioral cameras. But no, you cannot adjuct behavior video framerate through the software.
Optics / Re: Relation of scope slider direction and achromatic FL
« Last post by om7 on April 27, 2018, 04:14:47 PM »
Hello anyone,

Would implanting the GRIN lens at a shallower depth achieve the same result as using a shorter focal length achromatic lens? (The result being minimizing the distance you have to slide the focus slide up.)

Since the trigger needs to go through the DAQ box,  should I still have miniscope connected?

Another question:  can I change frame rate of behavior video somewhere?

Thank you!
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