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DAQ Software/Firmware / Question about mscam retrieval error
« on: August 04, 2017, 08:49:03 PM »
Hello Daniel,
We met a problem when testing the microscope for the first time and got a mscam retrieval error when trying to connect the camera. We are using a 3.X version system, with the coax cable connected to the DAQ, 3 green lights are on, and the red light on CMOS is on as well, with no flickering, connected K2 only for USB. I checked the voltage between the central pod of SMA connector and the ground (inner wire v.s. outer wire of the coax cable) or the central pod v.s. the lateral pod of the connector, both of which seem fine (with a voltage of 4.87V). Also there seems no short between the = and - point on CMOS. Considering the possible issues caused by the USB cable / OS, I also checked the whole system on a Win7 laptop and got the same problem. Would you please give us some hint on the possible reasons?
Another issue that we found is about the software it self. On the bottom right corner of the Miniscope controller, there is a window showing the current status of processing steps, but the window cannot be enlarged so we cannot see the second half of the sentences. Is there anyway we can view the whole log?


Attached are the images of DAQ board and the SMA connector. Would you please help us to check if there is anything wrong on it?

Electronics / Question about group ordered PCB boards and sensors
« on: March 10, 2017, 06:25:34 PM »
Hello Daniel,
I have several questions about the group ordered PCBs and sensors.
I signed up for the group order, which includes the CMOS sensing PCB, the CMOS sensor, and the DAQ PCB, will the sensor mount to the PCB when we got them? If we order them separately, will that be very hard to mount the sensor to the board? I know that this question sounds a little bit weird, but I'm just a bit too worried since I don't have experience in making boards by myself.
The second question is more related to the ordering. How would the companies charge us, would they send quotes directly to us or through the UCLA group?
Then it would be great if you could tell us an estimate of when the group order would be placed.
I really appreciate your help with these questions.


Hi Daniel,
I just wondering if you guys have plans to release the optogenetics compatible version of miniscope in the future? And if so, would it be possible that we can upgrade the current version of scope to that? It might need some changes in the plastic frames as well, so I guess it might need to be built from scratch...


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