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First of all, I want to say thank you greatly to all miniscope members for thier interest to this project.

I am running msRun.m function and I have few questions as I am very naive in Matlab:
1) In which step of the analysis script should I type a function (please provide details) in msRun.m to plot df/f traces for individual firing cell through the time?
2) I was not able to find or download the script that is used to generate a video file of the processes traces that shown in main page (raw data and df/f). Please can you advice when should I use this in msRun.m as well?
3) How can we select manually only some segments from the video to plot df/f?
4) How do we extract firing when using msRastorPlot.m
5) Extract df/f traces seems showing the y axis as frames numbers, but what is the x-axis and it unit?
6) How to distinguish between individual cells firing through the frames ?

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