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Title: Could I get some tips for soldering coaxial cables?
Post by: haram0518 on December 13, 2017, 12:31:45 PM
Hello, I read some helpful tip from other post "Soldering Coaxial Cable to CMOS Imaging Sensor PCB  (Read 212 times)"
But I can't understand how to do it:
Also, there are multiple ways to solder the coax cable, some easier than others. What you might want to try is buy a pair of 50mil pitch headers. You could then solder a 2 x 1 female header,, to the 2 holes of the CMOS PCB and then solder a 2 x 1 male header,, to the signal and ground lines of the coax cable. This gives some extra room to work with when soldering and you also have the added benefit of having a cable that can be swapped between CMOS PCBs. The down side is with enough force, the male header can pop off of the female header. The parts I linked to come in a 50 x 1 pin configuration. You just need to break off 2 to get a 2 x 1 header.

Could you give me some any visual materials or detailed explanation to help me understand?
Because I have difficulty in soldering coaxial cables, and so I want tip for soldering coaxial cables.
I hope this information helps me solder coaxial cable.

Thank you.
Title: Re: Could I get some tips for soldering coaxial cables?
Post by: Daniel Aharoni on December 14, 2017, 07:16:17 PM
Hi Haram,
I have never actually done this version of the soldering so I don't have pictures to show you. Maybe someone else can post their setup.

Basically you are replacing the direct solder connection of the coax cable onto the CMOS PCB with a male and female millmax connector. The connector has 2 pins: one connects to the internal signal wire of the coax cable and the other connects to the outer grounded shield of the coax cable.